This film project is about gathering together Doctor Who fans from countries around the world to make a two part feature length fan based film.  This film will be shot in 3D is set up to involve as many people in it as possible. 

Something that will be of interest to many of you is that the role of “The Doctor” for this film production has opened up.  Actor/Model Jay Hector has turned down the role, so the search for our Doctor will be starting up.

This project started out as a Doctor Who Fan Film, but with the large response we’ve received by thousands of fans wanting to be involved along with some great talent coming forward wanting to be a part of making this happen we are taking a new direction with things and are dropping the whole idea of doing this as a “Fan Film” and move on to working to make this an A film that involves the fans.

In order to do that we will be sending legal representation to the BBC with our proposal and to be taken seriously and show the BBC that this is in their best interests to give us permission to do the film we will need to have an outstanding presentation to show.

We’re doing a 180 and instead of working to find people to make the actual film production at this, we’re looking to get people to get involved with creating a professional kick butt presentation.

So things we’re going to need people to step up and help with are things like Story Boarding/Concept Art/Costume Design/Sound and video editing/Special FX/CG Animation/Music/Set Building/Filming/Animatics etc…

By going ahead and getting express permissions from the BBC to go ahead with the film that means not only does this go to the theatre, but we can get investors involved and with that we’re looking at a lot more paid positions with this film project.

We also need to show that we have the support of the fans and to do that we will be starting an electronic petition that we need sent out to every corner of the earth to get signed.  We’ve received literal thousands of responses with people saying they would like to be a part of this film project, but we need to be able show that, that kind of a response is out there for doing this film to give that extra push when submitting our proposal.

Shortly we will be getting that started, so be watching for that and be sure to participate with getting people to sign and pass it along.

Along with the film we’re looking at some spin off series that would involve cast from the film, so a lot of job opportunities would be opening up.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    …sounds exciting, looking forward to participating in this project.

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